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Steve makes his prizewinning 64+ Pepper Sauce from over five dozen kinds of homegrown peppers.
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Why are chili peppers hot?
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About Us

Ambrose Landscapes is a full-service landscape design, consulting and installation company based in Asheville, North Carolina and serving the WNC and nearby South Carolina communities. Owner and manager Steve Ambrose has been a successful real-estate developer and landscape designer for the last two decades. Steve combines a professional real-estate business background with a love and talent for landscape design, and brings these benefits to each of his company's clients.

Awards, Licenses, & Certifications
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A passion for landscaping and a respect for the beauty and integrity of the natural environment inspire Ambrose Landscapes.  Steve has extensive knowledge of local WNC plant life and offers intelligent options for what works best in a given landscape. Where to plant, what to plant, when to plant and how to plant are skills one should expect from a professional landscaper. A Columbia University graduate, he has traveled worldwide, visiting many famous landscape and garden destinations to add to his creative wealth in design and installation. Although certified to use pesticides, he prefers organic pest-control methods.

"Your garden should be a place of serenity and renewal. And it should maximize your home's value while minimizing maintenance costs," Steve says. "Personally, I like to spend as little money as possible on water, mowing, fertilizer, pest control and pruning, so I don’t expect my clients want to be overly burdened either. I have high expectations of my landscapes, and I feel they should do as many things for me and my clients as possible." Structure, feel, smell and color; attracting appropriate wildlife while discouraging pests; raising property value and cutting energy costs — these are just some of the considerations Steve goes over in his design plans. His talent for integrating practicality with beauty has led him to turn his own developments’ silt ponds into flowery bass and koi ponds (picture below right), to convert required road-sign areas into rose gardens with stone benches, and to give sunbaked porches new life as shaded retreats. 

Silt pond/bass pond at Glenroy HeightsWith his extensive experience in real estate, brokerage, and management, Steve Ambrose is qualified to "landscape to sell." He approaches landscaping from a homeowner's point of view, and can save you thousands of dollars by guiding you through what's required in your covenants and restrictions. Whether you're selling your home or developing a subdivision, he can help you landscape to move a house in a tough market, or work with builders on a tight budget.

Steve AmbroseSteve Ambrose lives in Asheville, N.C., with his wife Sue, a licensed Realtor, and his daughter Caroline, who attends Carolina Day School (as you can see by the Wildcats pawprint on his truck!). In his own garden — which he's turned into a model of rain-water capture — he raises the more than 60 varieties of peppers that he uses to create his prizewinning Pepper Sauce. (Clients receive a free bottle!!)