Graveled drive
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Background sound:
Birds greeting an Appalachian spring morning
(recorded March 29, 2007 in a West Asheville
backyard wildlife habitat
we've helped enhance)


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19th-century French flower illustrations courtesy
New York Public Library Digital Gallery
TIP: Have your property's underground utilities located and marked ahead of time. Contact the North Carolina One Call Center at 811 or 1-800-632-4949.

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Please answer the following questions in as much or as little detail as you wish. Whatever you can tell us here about your existing landscape and the landscape you would like to have will be helpful to us — and will help get you thinking about your landscape vision. There is no word limit on your responses.

For commercial or rental properties, many of these questions may not apply, so answer those you consider relevant.

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Are there specific characteristics you would like your garden to reflect?
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Is there any maintenance you would LIKE to do -- flower-picking, pruning, etc.?
For example, "I like to prune a little every week for exercise," or "Picking my own flowers and vegetables saves me the cost of buying them."

Please list specific plants/vegetables/fruits you would like to incorporate.
You can also list plants you do not like. (Again, there's no word limit, so make your lists as long as you want.)

Tell us about the architectural details on the outside of your home, and the decorative theme on the inside. A beautiful garden should harmonize with your home -- not just when viewed from outdoors, but also when seen from inside your dining room, bedroom, and so on.

Please describe whatever you can about the compass direction, sun orientation, and altitude of your yard. A landscape that is south-facing, sunny, and at 1,500 feet, for example, will have different planting requirements from one that is north-facing, shady, and at 3,000 feet.

When did you move to this house? 

When was this house built? 

When was it landscaped? 

What have you planted or built? If you or a family member has done a lot of work on the landscape, you don't need to list it all here -- but please be prepared to tell us when we arrive.

Please describe any previous uses of your property that we might not be able to see -- previous plantings, construction debris, fire pits, private plots, etc. This information will help us prepare your soil for the anticipated plantings.

Do you expect that you will eventually need additional parking? If you have any teenage or pre-teen children, or if you entertain houseguests frequently, it's a good idea to plan for this now.
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What times of day are you away at work? This helps us plan your landscaping to maximize both your security and your enjoyment. If you tend to get home late, for example, we'll be sure to include plants you can see at dusk.

What weekdays and what times of day would be best for us to work on your property?
If your community or subdivision has rules defining when outdoor work can be done, please let us know about them.

What is your availability for us to inspect your site within the next 3-4 days?

Does your community or subdivision have any covenants, restrictions, or plant guidelines that apply to your property?
Knowing about these ahead of time can save you a great deal of expense and stress.

What is your deadline(s) for completing this project?
If you need it done in stages, please explain -- for example, "I'd like the flowers put in front before my guests arrive for Christmas, but they're staying through New Year's, so we need to postpone building the retaining wall in back".

If you have previously had a soil test done, please tell us the results.

Please describe the budget you have in mind for this project. What do you plan to spend in the first year (within 20% or so)? Over the next 3, 5, and 10 years?
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