Elementary School: AFTER

New front left, side view New corner
New front left, from side. The new corner, featuring (left to right): rainbow leucothoe, narrow juniper, round yellow cypress, Japanese bloodgrass, super stripe miscanthus (grass), butterfly bushes of different colors, blue fescue grass. View larger.
Plant border Along wall
New plant border around teachers' lunch patio. For color and native wildlife habitat, we added narrow blue juniper, several colors of butterfly bush, striped & colored grasses, golden evergreen globes, an assortment of roses, echinacea, and ranbow leucothoe. View larger.
New front left New front right
The new front left. The new front right.
New front right Teachers lunch patio
New front right, from another angle. Teachers' lunch patio, the first new area expanded into.
Turn to long wall. Long wall
Making the turn to the long wall. The long wall, end of second year. We'll go around the corner next. 
See you next September!
Steve Ambrose next to pickup truck
The many big piles of raw materials starting out at 7 am were neatly and permanently arranged with ease by the afternoon because of everyone else who turned out. If your hobby is also your job, there's no better way to spend a day off from work!