Elementary School: DURING

These photos were taken during the second year (2008), but you can see many of our first year's plantings in them.

Adult volunteers Early grades
Early grades showed up during this stretch along with a local college. Later in the day, the Wachovia bankers and the United Way filled the ranks of volunteers.
Students, one with bright green hair Older student helping younger
Who wants to help? Some of the students came from a background that made my day an easy joy of setting plants, outlining beds, and organizing tasks.
We had mulch, plants, stone, and soil amendments either donated or purchased through the school.
Man in red shirt with wheelbarrow
Young boy with shovel Catching a ride in a wheelbarrow Planting pink roses
Corner of building with landscaping
Making the turn from the teachers' lunch porch to the long side wall parallel to each school day's twice-daily procession of parents' cars.
Waving goodbye to the young students Older students waving, some making funny faces
Left: Waving goodbye to the lower-grade students, who couldn't have been cuter. Right: The older students had their own way of waving goodbye!