Project: Hominy Valley Elementary School


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Hominy Valley Elementary School is at 450 Enka Lake Rd., Candler.


steve ambrose surveying plants before volunteers begin work steve ambrose and renee pool digging planting holes in landscape with pick and shovel

2010 Day of Caring at Hominy Valley Elementary focused on planting
sustainable wildlife habitat, and was a great success!

2008 & 2009

Main entrance before Volunteers Main entrance after


... DURING ...

... AFTER!

"Day of Caring Project Site""Day of Caring" signI was contacted in the fall of 2007 by a family friend and PTA member to donate my time for Hominy Valley Elementary School's "Day of Caring." I took photos of other schools whose appearance the Hominy Valley teachers and parents liked, bought the plants wholesale, and arranged the donation of mulch.

The fun, unpredictable part was organizing six different volunteer groups over the day to do the installation. From valued but troubled youths to bank executives, it seemed I had a new group every few hours.

Do you think it looks better? Happy teachers benefit everyone! (Thanks to Denise Richards for many photos.)

Read glowing testimonials from the principal and PTA.

Elementary School: BEFORE

Long-distance view of school
Shot furthest away, giving a clue to the enormous size of the school.
Year by year, we landscape another 300 feet.
Front left before Front right before
Front left before.  Front right before.
Front left before (close-up) Front right before (close-up)
Front left before (close-up).  Front right before (close-up).