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Ambrose Landscapes

... AFTER!

What condo buyers saw before ...

May, 2008 -- The Ambassador, an elegant 1920s apartment building within walking distance of downtown Hendersonville, was being renovated into luxury condos. The owner called in Ambrose Landscapes to rescue its front yard from years of neglect.  

In just two days, we turned an eroding, weedy lot with no "curb appeal" into an inviting landscape of native plants, including a rain garden. This drought-resistant landscape meets the city's current and anticipated stormwater regulations. And native plants require the least maintenance.

See how we did it:

... and what they see now.

Site preparationLuxury Condos, Day One: PREPARATION

=> Many hands make fast work, especially if they're experienced. Our seasoned foreman and crew have been working with us for over 10 years.




<=Selectively clearing the site was our first task. We removed invasive weeds, patchy grass and buried construction trash -- but protected two healthy native dogwood trees.

Old buried stumpRemoving debris<=Sure, it'd be easier just to cover up this old stump and move on -- but rotting wood can cause a number of grass diseases.

=>That's not our way. We took the extra effort to saw off this stump and add it to the two truckloads of debris we cleared.

Trenches capture runoff"Volcanoes" keep roots irrigated=>The funnel-like mounds of fresh topsoil help pool the water around new plantings until their roots spread out. Tomorrow, the mounds will be hidden under mulch.

<=Well-placed "dry streams" capture runoff, save water, prevent erosion, and can multiply plant growth up to four times.

vBy the end of Day One, we've already finished clearing, improving the soil, and planting.
Native plants exceed the latest stormwater requirements and recommendations -- whereas
exotics require excessive maintenance and drought-restricted water.

End of Day One

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