Luxury Condos: ONE YEAR LATER

oblique front view of rain gardenfront view with landscaping-award sign

The true test of a skilfully done landscape is how it looks after a full round of seasons. We avoid exotics that look impressive when installed but won't survive an Appalachian winter — instead, we plan for a sustainable, native-based landscape that's not just beautiful when first planted but, with minimal maintenance, will grow lusher with each passing year.

In 2009, one year after we landscaped the Ambassador Condos, our work here won an award from the City of Hendersonville's Tree Board.

Check out the photos below, and we think you'll see why. (Click on any of them for a larger view.)

length of front view of rain gardendetail of landscaping foundation plantingscorner view of landscaping dry stream in rain gardendry stream in rain gardendry stream in rain garden from curb facade viewfacade view from across street