Outdoor Stonework

Stone Outdoor Fireplaces, Fire Pits, & Chimneys

Stone fireplaces:

Stone outdoor fireplace

Front view of beehive fireplaceFront viewView larger
Logholder for beehive fireplaceLog holderView larger
Beehive-shaped outdoor fireplaceFireboxView larger
Back view of beehive fireplaceBack viewView larger
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Stone fire pits:

Stone fire pit with patio and stepStone fire pit with patio

Stone fire pit and patio

Stone fire pit, closeup

Stone fire pit with bench and patio (Arden project)

View larger Stone fire pit, patio, bench in Arden by Asheville landscaper Ambrose Landscapes We built this fire pit, patio, & bench in an Arden, NC backyard from hand-selected local quarry stone. The pit is lined with firebrick, & the bench angled so you can sit away from the fire when it's at full blast!

Project slideshow

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  • Site before starting (#1)
  • Digging the pit (#2-4)
  • Starting the bench (#5-6)
  • Building stone fire pit (#7-9)
  • Pit and bench (#10)
  • Firebrick pit lining (#11-12)
  • Stone bench taking shape (#13-17)
  • Completed firebrick lining (#18)
  • Firepit patio's foundation (#19)
  • Coping of stone bench (#20)
  • Coping of fire pit (#21)
  • View of stone walkway (#22)
  • Patio stones laid (#23)
  • Handpicked stones' beautiful colors (#24)
  • Mortaring the stones (#25-26)
  • Completed fire pit, bench, patio (#27)
  • View with walkway, stepping stones (#28-29)
  • Ready for a warm fire on a cool evening! (#30)
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Stone chimneys:

Stone chimneys

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