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Stone table and chairs

Stone table and chairs on stone paved patio, resembling Stonehenge
Stone table and chairs on stone paved patio

Stone patios, walkways:

Stone patio

Stone patio:

We built this patio to last, with a levelled foundation, cemented and mortared stones, and 6"x6" timbers.

Stone patio and walkway (Arden project)

View larger Stone patio and sidewalk in Arden by Asheville landscaper Ambrose Landscapes Few landscapers are capable of working with stones as big as the ones we used to build this Arden patio and walkway. Selected from an especially colorful vein in a local quarry, these massive flagstones are 1" thick in the patio and 2 3/8" thick in the walkway.

Project slideshow

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  • Patio's concrete foundation (#1)
  • Matching & fitting stones (#2)
  • Patio before mortaring (#3-4)
  • Patio shown edge-on (#5-6)
  • Bed & rails for walkway (#7)
  • Walk on the West Coast! (#8)
  • Stonemasonry in progress (#9)
  • Mortaring pathway, firepit patio (#10-12)
  • View of patio (#13)
  • Walkway to fire pit, another view (#14)
  • Patio after mortaring (#15)
  • Patio complete & ready for outdoor entertaining (#16-17)
  • Impromptu stone sculpture (#18)
  • Patio's beauty revealed (#19)
  • Variegated rock patterns (#20)

Stone patio and walkway

Stone patio with swing
Stone path to swing
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Stone stairs

Stone staircase

Stone staircase
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