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Manual labor:
This rate applies to basic jobs performed on-site, using hand tools only, that do not involve off-site design or the use of powered equipment* (for example, spreading mulch).
Stream restoration relies on hand tools
Installation, or powered labor:
This rate applies to any job requiring powered equipment (mowers, hand-held powered equipment, etc.), with certain exceptions.* It also applies to jobs that involve both on-site installation and off-site design work, such as plant and stone selection and design.
* 1/2 hour per day per man is added for travel time for partial-day jobs.
Design and installationMachinery is used selectively
$60 per hour

Your first consultation is always free, even if you don't hire us. This rate applies to jobs that involve design only, without any installation. Should you choose to use us for your installation, too, $24 per hour of the design charge will be credited back to you.
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We carry full workers' compensation, general liability, and other business insurance. We are happy to provide documentation upon request.**

** For current certificates or coverage verification, please contact Nationwide Agent Mike Gilliam, Hendersonville, N.C., (828) 692-1170.