Stormwater runoff flowing down a stone channel
Dry stream in storm

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of a steep-slope yard we landscaped to capture
stormwater runoff.

Eroded streambank

Restoring eroded streambanks is another Ambrose Landscapes specialty.


Ambrose Landscapes: Asheville Stormwater Runoff Specialists

Detail of Buncombe County Landslide Hazard Map Ambrose Landscapes uses the new NCGS Buncombe County Landslide Hazard Maps to help determine whether your property is at risk for landslides. The detail above shows central Asheville, with high-risk areas colored pink and red. (Click to enlarge.)

Absorb runoff & prevent erosion

Erosion caused by stormwater runoff is destructive to your property and to your neighbors'. It's a serious concern here in the mountains, where so many homes and businesses are built on steep slopes or bordered by streams.

Water is increasingly valuable — it costs a lot to water a landscape from a tap. And years-long droughts have led to new regulations on runoff that are increasingly restrictive.

Why waste water — and time and money — when you can keep and use the water Nature gives you? Water-wise landscaping can capture and absorb most or all stormwater runoff, keeping water and soil on your property — and it's the most effective way to prevent erosion.

Let plants do the work

Slope stability factors, diagram from Buncombe County Landslide Hazard Map Plant roots play a key role in stabilizing steep slopes, as this diagram of slope stability factors from the Landslide Hazard Maps illustrates.

Massive retaining walls to hold back the mountainside are the first erosion-prevention technique most people think of. But these often simply divert runoff rather than stopping it, and the forces of water and gravity eventually make even the thickest manmade wall crack and sag.

Rain barrels are great (I use them). But besides their cost and maintenance, you still need to take the time to water.

With a little help, plants can do both these jobs much cheaper and more efficiently than humans. After all, they've been working at them a lot longer than we have! The right plants in the right places will reach their roots deep into a steep slope's soil to hold it more securely than a wall. Aided by landscaping features modeled on Nature such as rain gardens and dry-stream waterways, plants can absorb a vast capacity of stormwater without the need for cisterns and hoses.

Ambrose Landscapes is your water-wise landscape contractor.